Who is Who

  Karin Frei Rappenecker is an art historian, curator
and art consultant. She works internationally,
conceiving and managing projects at the interface
of art, society, architecture and corporate
culture, always with the desire to let the creative
power of art flow back into society. She
holds a MA in history of art, of architecture as well
as in anthropology from the University of Bern.


Brigitte Ulmer is a historian and art journalist. She
describes the visible and tangible in art,
bringing the invisible into consciousness, and
manages the interaction between artists
and clients. She holds a MA in history, media and
political science from the University of Zurich,
postgraduate diplomas in Art History at
Goldsmiths College London and in Curating of the
Zurich University of the Arts.


Hausmusik by Nevin Aladağ

A multi-instrument work installed in the four buildings of the “Siedlung Helen Keller” in Zurich, 2020. Client: “Stiftung für Alterswohnungen der Stadt Zürich”. Architect: Atelier Abraha Achermann, Zurich. Photo: Frederic Meyer. Courtesy Art Agency, Zurich